All About Our SIP Trunking Phone Service


SIP (Session Internet Protocol) trunking is a versatile IT solution that uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to get the job done. Teltek is proud to provide our customers with innovative SIP trunking to replace or supplement their current phone service.

The Basics of SIP Trunking 

SIP trunking uses the Internet for phone calls, instead of using a landline and telephone lines provided by a phone company. SIP trunking can handle a greater number of calls without difficulty and still allow each user to have their own direct inward dialing (DID) line. 

SIP Trunking is Easily Scalable 

SIP trunks are purchased individually and can be bought as needed. When your business grows and new employees need access, you can easily add more channels. Do you need more DID lines than SIP trunks? That’s also possible with SIP trunking. Simple scalability makes SIP trunking ideal for many businesses. 

SIP Trunking is Affordable 

Especially for small businesses, affordability is a big concern. SIP trunking is a simple, cost-effective and versatile solution for businesses of every size. Since the calls you make will be done over the internet instead of a traditional landline, you will eliminate the costs of using a traditional telephone and avoid most long distance charges. 

SIP Trunking is Reliable 

Many businesses worry about using the internet for their phone-based business, but SIP trunking comes with a built-in back up plan. In the event of a power outage, all of your SIP calls will be redirected to a landline, another office or a mobile phone. You can also install a redundant internet solution in the event of an outage, so that your SIP trunks will be unaffected.

Upgrade Your Business with SIP Trunking 

Teltek has innovative SIP solutions for businesses of every size. If you are ready to explore Teltek’s SIP trunking and see how it can benefit your company, contact Teltek today for a free consultation at 1-866-9-TELTEK or 410-552-6580.