Relocating Your Office Technology


Office relocation is hard work, and relocating your office technology takes skilled project management and the IT professionals at Teltek. Our managed IT services will streamline the moving process so that you can worry about picking out the perfect ergonomic office chairs instead of setting up your network.

Start with a Site Visit 

Schedule a visit to your new location and bring one of the IT professionals from Teltek along. We will be able to see what network cabling requirements are necessary and take care of contacting Internet Service Providers (ISPs), carriers and vendors to let them know what date you’ll be moving.

Check What You’re Working With 

Next, we will evaluate your current network infrastructure. Moving is a great time to update aging tech equipment. Our IT team will examine our inventory of your existing equipment, determine what should be updated, remove any equipment that is not going to be taken to the new location and dispose of equipment that is unusable or damaged. Our project management team will assess how many phone lines, cables and outlets you need to sustain your current operations and expand into the current space.

A Seamless Set-Up

Finally, Teltek can set up all of your existing and new technology in your new location. We are incredibly skilled at keeping every last odd or end organized so that no small cables or large pieces of equipment go missing. Once set up is completed, we will perform multiple tests of the system to ensure everything is functional and in the right spot. Everything from testing each individual telephone number to checking incoming and outgoing emails will be performed to make sure you are good to go. As always, Teltek will always be a single call away.

Seamless Office Technology Relocation with Teltek

If you are ready to explore Teltek’s office relocation services, contact Teltek today for a free consultation at 1-866-9-TELTEK or 410-552-6580.