Coax or Fiber: Which is Right for You?


Fiber internet connections are slowly becoming more popular than traditional coaxial cable connections, but is one obviously superior? Before you make your choice, it’s important to understand the benefits and limitations of each.

All About Coax

Coax cables have been around since the early 20th century, and these cables have remained unchallenged until fiber. Coax cables are sturdy and resilient, making them easy and affordable to install. While coax cables have been perfect for transmitting data for decades, the new demands of residential and commercial properties can overwhelm them. Coax is also appropriate for redundancy when there is an existing fiber network in place.

All About Fiber

Fiber optic cables have greater bandwidth capacity than traditional coax cables. Thanks to that extra capacity, fiber makes it easier to perform data-heavy tasks like streaming, video conferencing, VoIP and using cloud applications. Fiber-optic cables are more difficult to tap than copper cables, which also offers businesses greater information security. As more and more things rely on data to properly function, fiber is becoming a more appealing choice.

So, Which Is Better?

When thinking about what choice you should make, consider the following:

  • The size of your organization: Generally, the bigger the business, the more that it could benefit from fiber installation. The upload and communication speed will be unparalleled. Fiber is also a better option for businesses that can’t afford to be down.
  • SLA: Most large customers need an SLA, which is done through fiber.
  • Proximity: If you are located close to an HFC plant, the coax installation could be completed quickly. However, if you are located near a fiber network or fiber ring, like many commercial customers today, fiber is very simple to install. Many providers will completely cover the cost of installation.
  • Price: Fiber will always cost slightly more to install due to the incredibly delicate nature of the fibers themselves. While the initial cost of investment is slightly higher, the potential benefits should outweigh that for most businesses.

Versatile Data Solutions from Teltek

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