Does Recycling Electronics Really Matter?


The amount of e-waste (electronic waste) continues to rise every year as consumers swap out iPhones for newer iPhones, old televisions for 4K LED models and dated computer monitors for sleek new ones. However, recycling electronics is still a rare practice, since businesses and customers worry about sensitive information finding its way into the wrong hands. A whopping 75% of old electronics are still stored in homes and businesses because people do not understand how to recycle them. Does recycling e-waste matter?

What Is E-Waste?

E-waste is used to describe end-of-life electronic devices and is also called e-scrap or EOL electronics. This category could include almost anything, including computer equipment, mobile phones, traditional phones, stereos, televisions and A/V equipment. The majority of products thrown into landfills could be recycled or refurbished, which is a much better and environmentally-safe option.

Why Does Recycling Electronics Matter?

  • Raw Materials: Electronics are a great resource for raw materials, including precious metals and gold. Only 10-15% of the gold used in e-waste is recovered, and the rest is lost in landfills. These raw materials could be used to create new tech goods.
  • Waste Management: As a result of the massive growth in the electronics industry and the surprisingly short lifespan of products, there has been an escalation in the amount of solid waste over the past few decades. Recycling electronics helps to reduce this solid waste.
  • Toxic Metals: Electronic devices also contain hazardous materials like lead, cadmium, mercury and chromium. If you do not have your electronics properly recycled, those materials will be released into the environment and harm local ecosystems.

How Can Teltek Help?

Teltek has a technology recycling program dedicated to recovering unwanted, working or damaged electronics from businesses and taking care of disposal or refurbishment. All of the devices that we collect go through an in-depth process to permanently remove files and data so that your information is safe. If equipment is still in working condition or just needs minor repairs, our experts will complete repairs and donate the equipment to local schools, non-profits or charities. If the items can’t be reused, we will take care of recycling in accordance with state and local laws.

Technology Recycling Solutions from Teltek

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