The Biggest Myths About Cloud Computing for Business

Cloud Computing

Unless you’ve been living in a basement copy room, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard plenty about cloud computing for business over the past decade. And, just like many other online tools that have gained popularity over that time period, there are plenty of myths swirling around. Today, we are busting the biggest myths about cloud computing for business.

Myth: The Cloud Is Only Good for Saving Money

Some business owners mistakenly believe that cloud computing is only good for cutting down on costs. However, there are plenty of other reasons why cloud migration is ideal for most businesses. A 2014 survey found that cost savings made up less than 15% of the reasons why companies decided to switch to cloud computing for business. 

Myth: The Cloud Isn’t Secure

Security risks that are present in cloud computing for business are the same that any traditional technology solution faces. However, many businesses have much greater protection when using the cloud because the cloud provider takes steps to secure the data. Many small business owners greatly underestimate security needs and, if left to their own devices, would not do a sufficient job of securing digital data like cloud providers can. 

Myth: Cloud Migration Is Too Time-Consuming

Cloud migration is easier than ever before! It used to be tricky to move data and files from company servers to a central cloud location, but thanks to advances in technology it doesn’t take long at all. When you partner with an experienced cloud computing company like Teltek, the migration process will be as smooth and seamless as possible. 

Myth: You’ll Lose Control

Some small business owners worry about cloud computing for business because they view the cloud as taking away control. While it is a fact that you won’t have control over the servers that your data is stored on, that is a great thing in reality. Switching to the cloud gives you greater amounts of agility and speed, in addition to affording you greater protection from external threats. Thanks to high-quality cloud servers, you will also be able to increase productivity and get more done with the same amount of time.

Explore Cloud Computing for Business with Teltek

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