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Who’s the Best Phone System Provider in MD, DC, VA?

Monday, April 9th, 2018

With all the recent mergers, acquisitions and technology innovations in the telecommunications industry lately we have noticed two questions that come up more often than usual form our clients and prospective clients who are in the process of making large technology purchase:


  1. “I like the Teltek solution but we need to get another estimate for a [cloud PBX phone system, Avaya support, low voltage, cabling, IT support, telephone service, etc.] – who can you recommend for me to talk with”
  2. “Who is the best technology company for …”,


Confused Dog

Naturally, we believe we Teltek is the best provider for all our client’s technology needs! However, when these questions are asked we understand our clients and prospective clients are simply trying to educate themselves so they can make a solid business decision. Instead of getting frustrated by “referring our competitors” we embrace the fact that we have or have starting to build a trusted relationship with our clients! Since Teltek opened our doors in 1996 we have been committed to provided trusted advice and education to our customers. That said, below are a few other local companies in us to consider as you’re looking for a new phone system or other technology advisor.

Sure, there are also several large national VoIP providers like: Vonage, Comcast, Ring Central, 8X8, [insert thousands of others here] that have the same product offering. But, consider just a few of the benefits that a local company can offer you, most national providers cannot:

  • Face to face meetings
  • A knowledgeable and committed company to complete a thorough site assessment before you sign a contract?
  • A professional installation with someone local that can ensure that you understand how to use your new phone system not just screw it to the wall and set the phones on your desks
  • A local company representative on the other end of the line when you call with a billing question, for support or to report an internet outage

The feedback that we get all too often is that the “National” Hosted PBX Providers skip over “minor considerations” like accounting for proper cabling, a VoIP ready computer network, adequate and redundant internet bandwidth, faxes, door phones, overhead paging, etc., so we recommend that you trust a local provider and skip the headache. Here are some local providers in the Mid-Atlantic to get you started:


Baltimore and Metro Area: Towson, Timonium, Essex, Catonsville, Columbia, White Marsh, Glen Bernie, Westminster, Hunt Valley, Cockeysville, Owings Mills

  • Bennett Communications (Bencomm): Avaya, Shoretel and Cloud PBX
  • Chesapeake Telephone Systems: Intertel/Mitel, Toshiba and Cloud PBX
  • ACC Telecom: 3CX, Toshiba, ESI and Cloud PBX
  • McEnroe Voice and Data: Avaya, Star 2 Star, Toshiba, Intertel/Mitel
  • Maryland Telephone: Intertel/Mitel
  • Comstar Technologies: Shortel, Avaya, Cloud PBX
  • Global Telecom Brokers (GTB): Managed Hosted VoIP and CLEC Services


Washington, DC and Metro Area: Annapolis, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, Greenbelt and Laurel

  • Strategic Products and Services (SPS Communications): Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft
  • North American Communications Resources (NACR)/ Converged One: Avaya & Cisco
  • Carousel Industries: Avaya
  • Delta Intellicom: Avaya/Nortel
  • Clear Connection: Intertel/Mitel, Avaya, NEC, Tadiran, Cloud PBX

 Northern Virginia: Mclean, Alexandria, Arlington, Annandale, Ashburn , Burke, Centreville, Chantilly, Dulles

  • Centric Telecom: Toshiba, Cloud PBX
  • Comtech Systems: Zultys, NEC, Star 2 Star, Cloud PBX
  • E-Tel Systems: Avaya & Cloud PBX
  • Telnet: Zultys & Cloud PBX

 Western Maryland/West Virginia: Frederick, Hagerstown, Martinsburg, Charlestown, Williamsport, Winchester, VA

  • Glessner Technologies: ESI
  • Teleplus: Intertel/Mitel, Samsung, Zultys





This information is being provided for information purposes only and is not guaranteed to be free from errors or omissions.

Comcast Unveils 500Meg and 1GB Internet

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017


Last week Comcast announced its new offering of DOCSIS 3.1-based internet service to business customers in its Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and Nashville service areas. “Business Internet 1 Gig” and “Business Internet 500 [Meg]” speed are now available to thousands of business customers in those service areas using the Comcast’s existing network; this means no costly and disruptive construction.

In addition to the markets above, Comcast Business plans to launch Business Internet 1 Gig and Business Internet 500 in the majority of its service areas throughout 2017 and into 2018. Pricing will vary based on the business’s location, number of client locations and the services selected. For more information contact Teltek, a nationwide broker of voice, internet and cloud services and partner of Comcast & all other major carriers.


How Technology Mergers Affect Your Business

Friday, November 18th, 2016


Recently, two technology companies, Windstream (WIN) and Earthlink (ELNK) merged. This merger presents a series of potential advantages to the customers involved. The combination of these two companies benefits clients in that they receive the perks of Windstream’s scale in the Enterprise segment and Earthlink’s “successful launch of SD-WAN” (Street Insider). Since these two companies purportedly complement one another in terms of values, networks, operating philosophies, and strategy, the merger appears to be an advantageous one for customers. Of course, part of Teltek’s goal is to provide your business with the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make the most informed decision. Before we reach the advantages, let’s discuss a few other potential and notable mergers and acquisitions.

Supposedly, another merger is in the works between CenturyLink Inc. and Level 3 Communications Inc. According to the Wall Street Journal, “CenturyLink gets about two-thirds of its revenue from business customers, while Level 3’s comes entirely from that segment.” Despite the dot-com bust, Level 3 has survived and recently began refocusing its attention on small and midsize businesses. CenturyLink seeks to refocus its traditional role as a rural local-phone-service provider to offer fiber-optic lines in a play to compete with such businesses as AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc.

In the last few years, many technology companies have been making deals with one another. Semiconductor company Qualcomm Inc. made a deal to buy NXP Semiconductors NV. Dell Inc. acquired EMC Corp. AT&T Inc. plans to buy Time Warner Inc. Thus continues the trend of making deals among technology, media, and telecom companies.

Despite the advantages many of these mergers pose to these companies’ clients, disadvantages exist as well. When large mergers happen in the technology field, their existing and new clients often suffer as the two companies begin integrating their networks, processes, procedures, and etc. Fortunately, Teltek can assist our clients during this process by helping with the management of their trouble tickets, a service covered under our support offering. Additionally, Teltek can provide an objective approach to sourcing new voice and internet service providers and completing bill audits to ensure that they are not spending too much money or just make recommendations for a technology refresh.

Teltek Introduces Internship To Stevenson University Students in Owings Mills, MD

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014




Technology Focused Business Development Internship



Orioles game with Earthlink




 Internship Overview: A business development internship is designed to equip students with the various skills and tactics used in a business development role. Typical duties for a business development internship position include making outbound calls to businesses, using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software; marketing; business networking; visiting clients’ places of business in order to strike a deal; understanding the clients’ business operations; suggesting the clients to take up an appropriate service or project with the company; attending training sessions designed for business development executives; coordinating efforts with other business development interns/Account Executives and performing other tasks assigned by business development managers.

A business development internship is generally suited for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing, psychology, sociology or anyone that may be interested in pursuing a career in sales. This will be an intensive 8-week paid internship (15-20 hours per week) appropriate for only motivated, hard working seniors that are seriously considering a career in sales when they graduate.


Ideal candidates are passionate, competitive, smart, responsible, self-starters that enjoy meeting new people and have a passion for business, technology and deal making. Excellent communication and customer service skills are key traits for this position.


Company Overview: Teltek is a fast-paced and progressive technology services company that provides cloud, telephony and IT related products and services nationwide. Established in 1997, Teltek distinguishes itself by offering exceptional client service with a centralized vendor for procurement and ongoing support of business technology solutions. Located just minutes from the Stevenson University campus, Teltek is actively motivated college seniors for enrollment into this internship program. Additional information on Teltek can be found at


Internship Goals: Upon completion of this 8-week internship program you should:

  1. Have a better understanding of pursuing a professional career in sales
  2. Have a better understanding of the IT and Telecommunications industry
  3. Master the art of a “cold-call” and appointment setting
  4. Understand the difference of marketing versus sales: hands on use of social media, email marketing, organic and pay per click Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Attend 1-2 offsite sales meetings alongside of a Teltek Account Executive
  6. Attend 2 offsite technical installations alongside of Teltek Engineers better understand product/service delivery
  7. Attend 3-5 business networking events (1-2 independently)
  8. Effectively be able to deliver an elevator pitch for Teltek management, clients and prospects
  9. Be prepared to overview what you learned about closing strategies
  10. Have a personal LinkedIn account established and as system in place to grow your network
  11. Understand the finance behind sales (Gross profit, margin, mark up, selling on ROI, finding money inside an organization to fund what you are proposing, pricing strategies, etc.)
  12. Understand how Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and CRM software is used for sales purposes
  13. Complete the following Technical training:
    1. NEC SL1100 Sales Training
    2. Service Provider Sales Training
    3. Cabling Sales Training
    4. Complete basic IT Sales Training
  14. Write and publish 4 blog articles about your internship experience, relevant industry news, etc.
  15. Read the following two books and be prepared to have a discussion about them
    1. The Ultimate Sales Machine
    2. Raving Fans (Customer Service)
  16. Attend an etiquette and networking dinner at a local 5-star restaurant


TO APPLY: Please send resume to along with a cover letter specifying what makes you a great candidate for this opportunity. When applying please include 3 personal/professional references and/or letters of recommendation.


Internship Schedule

  • Week 1: General Business Etiquette and Office Procedures
    • General orientation
    • Complete DISC communication and behavioral assessment strategy
    • Introduction to Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and CRM
    • Defining individual goals and objectives
    • Introduction to Audio Books and how to leverage them
  • Week 2: Mastering the Art Of Cold Call
    • Learning the anatomy of a sale: Pain, Budget, Decision, Rapport
    • Constructing and delivering our elevator pitch
    • Identifying your audience and how to connect with them
    • Getting past the gatekeeper
    • Research: Online/LinkedIn
    • Watch Pursuit of Happiness and be prepared to discuss how it relates to your internship
  • Week 3: Sales & Technical Training:
    • Complete technical sales training
    • Attend 1-2 technical installations
  • Week 4: Business Networking
    • Establish LinkedIn account and a strategy to build connections
    • Offsite: how to work the room at a networking event
    • Networking event objectives
    • Networking event follow-ups
    • How to utilize the Business Journal
    • How to identify new opportunities
    • Strategic partnerships
  • Week 5: Marketing
    • Understanding the difference in marketing VS Sales
    • Understand how to write an optimized blog
    • Understand the proper use of social media and email news letters
    • Have attended 1-2 networking events alongside of Teltek AE
  • Week 6: Closing Strategies that Work
    • Learning when to hold them, when to fold them and when to walk away
    • Learn how to deliver an effective proposal and presentation
    • How to write a persuasive letter/ email
    • How to ask for the deal
    • Buying signs and forecasting deal probability
  • Week 7: Understanding the Finance Behind a Sale
    • Understand terminology: Gross profit, margin, mark up, selling on ROI
    • Complete exercise on how to “find money” inside an organization to fund what you are proposing
    • Discuss pricing strategies
  • Week 8 Summary:
    • Attend an etiquette and networking dinner at a local 5-star restaurant
    • Prepare and present a 10 minute presentation to Teltek management
      • 5 Minutes about your internship experience
      • 5 Minute sales pitch on product/service of your choice
    • Complete and exit interview
    • Publish closing blog about your experience




Join Teltek for Breakfast and “Solving The Cloud Mystery” Panel Discussion in Hunt Valley, MD

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014


The Cloud – one of the hottest buzz words in business today but due to its conceptual nature it often leaves business owner left in a fog. Teltek, a local technology services company  and the Hunt Valley Business Forum will host a panel discussion of experts to provide an overview of exactly what  the cloud is, what to consider when planning a cloud migration, when it can be a good fit and when to avoid it. The panel discussion will be followed by an audience driven question and answer session so with specific questions about migrating your voice or data networks to the cloud!

Join us for this free event By Clicking Here

DATE: Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

8:00 am to 8:30 am Networking & Breakfast 8:30 am to 10:00 am Presentation

WHERE: PSA Financial 11311 McCormick Road Hunt Valley, MD 21031

MODERATOR: Chris Nicoli,  Owner of Teltek


Rob Copeland, A Teltek System Engineer with a focus on cloud computing; his responses to your questions will leave you wondering why he is here today and not on Jeopardy!

John Leschefsky, Teltek’s Service Manager and an expert in all things telecom – John  will compare cloud telecommunications options (hosted PBX/ VoIP phone systems) versus traditional premise based PBX’s

Roger Newmark, Teltek Account Executive and Self Proclaimed “Cloud Enabler” who’s mission is to help businesses get the necessary “access” (bandwidth) to get to the cloud

QUESTIONS: Call Teltek at 410-552-6580







Check Out Cisco’s Cloud-Driven Meraki Networking Hardware

Saturday, February 1st, 2014




This video illustrates “Dave, the IT Guy” challenged with managing a company’s multi-location network with multiple mobile, apps in cloud that guzzled bandwidth and viruses. 


  • Cisco’s Meraki is an alternative to the “same old” expensive and complex computer networking technology
  • This new technology developed by former MIT students, is now known as cloud networking
  • Wireless LANS, network switches, routers and security appliances
  • Hardware is controlled by cloud, data centers all over world that Meraki devices connect back to
  • Simple browser-based dashboard for programming interface to manage users, security, applications, etc.
  • Great for businesses, hotels, hospitals, factories, schools, universities

Interested in learning more about Meraki or computer networking support for your business?  Contact Maryland’s Meraki dealer – Teltek at 410-552-6580, We look forward to serving you!


Moving Your Office? Let Teltek take the SH out of your IT

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014


Avaya Supplies 54 Terabit Network to Olympic Winter Games

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

 “As the official network supplier for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Avaya is building its most ambitious network ever: one that will be virtualized, multiservice, all-IP, fabric-enabled—and able to support tens of thousands of device-toting Olympic employees, volunteers, athletes, media, and others while providing up to 54 terabits per second (Tbps) of bandwidth.”


Teltek Q&A: Windows XP End of Support and Migration to Windows 8

Friday, December 13th, 2013





“I have been running XP for years now. I have never needed support. My system runs well with it and I understand the interface. The problem will arise when I decide to buy a laptop, as I see a future with me being on the move. I want to take my copy of XP and load it on anything new that I buy. What problems will I run into?”


Teltek’s Answer:


Users can still purchase and operate Windows XP, although Microsoft will soon end their support (April 8, 2014).  This means that Microsoft will stop developing or delivering any updates (security or otherwise), ultimately leaving the operating system exposed. However, it also means that manufacturers of software and hardware will end their support (if they haven’t already) for those items as well, as  they are unable to go to Microsoft for assistance when problems arise.


An alternative would be getting Windows 7 with XP Mode if you must use XP for some reason. Again, keep in mind there will not be updates to the virtual version either.  This can  give the user of certain versions of XP a virtual machine type of interface, allowing users to still run old XP items while retaining the XP Desktop.  This feature provides a fully licensed version of XP. There is no need to move your existing install to the new system, but you will have to move your apps and data. This would give you the best of both worlds, so to speak (with limitations to updates/patches, etc).


In addition, Windows 7 has much better for security then XP.   Supplemental information on Windows 7 with XP mode can be found here and this website.  You will need to have a system that runs Win 7 Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate Editions.
Note: XP mode is NOT supported on Windows 8. 


So what’s the short answer?  There is little incentive to keep XP. It’s a very mature operating system and is well-liked and accepted- but, its time is coming to an end. Teltek suggests moving to Windows 7, or even to Windows 8.1 as support for XP, virtual or otherwise, will soon be non-existent.




Secrets from Inside a Maryland IT Support Company – 2 Minds Are Not Alike!

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Teltek IT Services


I recently received an email from the CIO of MCL Direct, a marketing and distribution firm that represents the increasingly popular universal phone system call accounting and call recording software.

At the bottom of his email he had his November thought: “I believe two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different”. What a simple but great set of words!


This got me to thinking early this morning about how applicable this comment is in the world of IT support. No two people design/program a network infrastructure   exactly the same, look at a problem the same way, or approach the resolution to a problem the same.  While that doesn’t necessarily mean one is wrong, for most small business owners this leads to fear, uncertainty and doubt when trying to compare two Managed Service Provider’s offerings or get a 2nd opinion about a support problem.


I felt compelled to write this blog in place of my usual routine of “getting ahead” of my email messages to bring this to light… I am sure when the office opens this morning; I may come to regret this decision!   It is my observation that more often than not when a client hires a new an IT Service company for the first time or to take over from another support company, the new company likes to make a lot of changes before assuming responsibility for their network. Here is the secret: in a world of thousands of products on the market, there is no way that one company can be an expert at all of them. Therefore, it is critical for an IT company to have consistency in the networks that they are responsible for supporting.


As a owner here at Teltek, I have been on both sides of this paradigm, and on a regular basis witness how technical people criticize the former “IT Guy” for their design, hardware selection or configuration. This reminds me of the proverb that my father often quotes – “hindsight is 20/20”.

I believe it is important for the new IT Company and the client to take a step back and come to terms with the following:

  • Most likely, the design/configuration was not the initial plan – it has evolved this way.
  • Budget is always a factor.  Maybe the client wanted the Cadillac  but could only afford the Chevy at the time.
  • Technology is always changing and improving.
  • But most importantly,” two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different!”


In conclusion, when making a change to your office technology or selecting a new support company, remember there is no golden all-encompassing solution. What you are buying is a company that listens to your problems, devises the best solution within your budget and responds quickly when you have a problem.


Thank you to Mike for sharing this thought – here is a plug for Tapit! Trisys has offered a wide variety of effective and affordable call accounting and call recording products since 1984:

Trisys Tapit Tality Call Accounting: . Tality is a call accounting software specifically designed for the service industry allowing businesses to generate additional revenue by monitoring phone activity and rebilling telecom usage it back out to their client and guests.  Tality paired with an Avaya IP Office Phone System is a configuration often seen in eldercare facilities, hotels and campus environments. Here, these facilities utilize this combination to offer telephone services to their residents/guests/students and then 

Tapit Nova: Call accounting software that works with virtually any telephone system that provides SMDR / CDR (Call Detail Record) information. This product is implemented using industry standard ASP.NET and SQL Server

Tapit EX Call Accounting:  Call accounting software that works with any telephone system that provides SMDR (Station Message Detail Record) information.

Tapit REPLAY Call Recording Software:  Replay T1 will record voice activity over T1 PRI trunks. This turn-key system attaches in the front of PBX or a channel bank. They provide hardware, software and cables. Basic configuration of Replay T1 has enough storage for up to 11,000 hours of voice logging!