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Girl On Wire – 100 Blogs And Beyond

Monday, May 13th, 2013


Believe it or not, this is my 100th Girl On Wire! For nearly two years, I have posted a blog every Monday (or close to it) and this column has helped me to actually look forward to Monday mornings :)

The intent of this project was to provide our readers with a new perspective; on technology, Teltek, Baltimore and whatever other topic that seemed like a good idea at the time. Since I write 3-4 more blogs for our web sites each week (I also author the Teltek Tekspert column for our IT site), this has become my “freestyle” blog. It’s been really fun coming up with topics and sketching them out. I usually start it on Friday and then finish it over the weekend or Monday morning.


This morning I was watching the Today show and they were featuring a story on Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut who has been providing everyone on earth with a unique look into his extraordinary adventure aboard the International Space Station where he serves as Commander. He has demonstrated how he eats, brushes his teeth, shaves and performs other daily functions in zero gravity that the rest of us undertake effortlessly every day. Most recently he posted a rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” on You Tube, complete with a guitar! Not only is he a skilled astronaut, but he’s got pipes and a great sense of humor too!

My objective with this column was to do just that; tell a few stories about me, the company and interesting topics and try to make them funny now and then.

Sadly, this will be my last blog as Girl on Wire. Teltek and I are parting ways on good terms, but leaving is never easy and this weekly column is something I will miss very much. Thank you for joining me on my own adventure with technology and blog writing, it was wonderful to have you along for the ride!

Cheers to all of you and to Teltek! Although I am hanging up Girl on Wire, my support and best wishes for Teltek goes to infinity and beyond…

Thanks to Buzz Lightyear for the quote. I could not think of a better way to say it!


Girl On Wire – Celebrate Spring And Summer At A Baltimore Festival!

Monday, May 6th, 2013




Last Spring, I blogged about the amazing Spring and Summer festivals in Baltimore that you really can’t miss. Since this past weekend was Flower Mart, I realized I am already behind in keeping you all informed. Here are dates and info on a few of my favorites:

Sowebo Arts & Music Fest: (May 26th) This year, Sowebo occurs during Memorial Day Weekend. Break out your flowy dresses and dreadlocks for this bohemian music-lovers mecca! Sowebo stands for South West Baltimore and the fun can be found in the Hollins Market area on the 1100 and 1000 blocks of Hollins Street. There are 3 stages with jam packed schedules for local bands. There is also a food court and art and craft vendors. This year, 46 artists will be displaying and selling their work. What’s great about Sowebo is the wide variety and abundance of music. If you don’t like the sound of a particular band, just amble over to another stage and you will eventually find one that rings your bell. 

Federal Hill Jazz and Blues Festival: (June 2nd) this event features live music on two stages all day, arts & crafts, food, a Boordy Vineyards Wine Garden, artists, and a section for children called Kids’ Kross Street! It all takes place in the heart of Federal Hill on South Charles Street between Hamburg and West and on Cross Street next to Cross Street Market. Kids’ Kross Street will have moon bounces, a play areas for toddlers, crafts and face painting.

Honfest: (June 8th-9th) Welcome to Bawlmer Hon! This hilarious street fair takes over the small, eclectic neighborhood of Hampden, which is already a fun place filled with lovely boutiques and trendy restaraunts. The madness occurs on 4 blocks of 36th Street, otherwise know as The Avenue and assembles a variety of fair food, bands and crafts. The Miss Hon pageant allows you to see the very best Hons Hampden has to offer as they strut across the stage in cat eye glasses, beehive hairdos and leopard print. What’s really unique about Honfest is that anyone can be a Hon. You can show up in shorts and a t-shirt, get your hair “done” right there at the festival, add a hot pink feather boa and you’ll blend right in! If you don’t want to dress the part, you will still be entertained by one of the best people-watching opportunities of the whole year.

Artscape: (July 19th-21st) This is the largest free-of-charge art show on the East coast and draws in over 150 artists and craftsmen and 350,000 attendees each year. My nickname for this event is “Sweatfest” because it always seems to occur on the hottest days in July, but that’s a good reason to buy one of those giant lemonades and it’s still a great time. The festival takes place over 12 city blocks on Mt. Royal Avenue and Charles Street. The Artscape website claims it will have 122 spot-a-pots, so you can have as much lemonade as you want! I can honestly say that I’ve never left Artscape empty handed, the variety of talented artists is unbelievable and you’ll see everything from jewelry to pottery to handmade clothing. There’s also entertainment in the form of concerts, dancers and theatrical performances.

There are my recommendations. What is your favorite Baltimore festival? Let me know!





Girl On Wire – The ETC Announces Its Next Move

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013





The biggest buzz around the water cooler in Teltek‘s Baltimore City office at the Emerging Technology Center is that the ETC is moving to a new location in October, specifically, to 101 North Haven Street in Highlandtown.

For the past two years, our Baltimore home has been situated within the award-winning technology incubator and we have loved being here.  The Can Company building has loads of character and is conveniently located to many great restaurants, shops and Starbucks! It also holds great memories of Teltek Margarita Parties past, the last two were held in its hallowed halls.

The relocation is the next exciting chapter for the ETC, whose “big picture” mission includes revitalizing urban areas that could use some TLC and they accomplished that objective successfully in Canton upon moving to this area in 1999.

In true ETC fashion, the incubator is relocating from one historic industrial building to another. After carefully restoring and modernizing a canning company abandoned long ago, the ETC will breathe new life into the former home of the King Cork and Seal Company.  

The big move was announced last Friday in a press release that included a message from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, “We wish them the best of luck and success in their new location.  I’m confident that the ETC will continue to be an important driver of innovation and entrepreneurship in the city. ” 

Deb Tillett, President of the ETC noted that the move to Haven Street opens up affordable office space in Canton for graduates of the ETC to occupy, so it’s a winning situation all around.

Teltek is thrilled for the ETC’s success and new location and we have been happy to be a part of the Emerging Technology Center family.


Girl On Wire – Teltek Hits Print!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Just when you thought you knew everything Teltek has to offer, we broaden our scope of services…again!

Teltek now offers Managed Print through our partner, Enoch Office Equipment. We are very excited about this recent development and a few of our customers are already on board.

You may have questions about this and I have answers!



So, what exactly is Managed Print?

Managed Print is a service designed to assist the business end-user by streamlining management and minimizing the costs associated with imaging and printing. Since we are all about helping our customers with their technology equipment and saving money through our Total Care Assurance program, we were very excited to join Enoch in this venture.


How do Teltek and Enoch work together?

—Teltek will recommend Enoch to our customers in search of business equipment. These devices include printers, scanners, copiers and document management equipment. Enoch will procure, install and support these machines on behalf of Teltek.


Why Enoch?

We have a wonderful relationship with Enoch. They are a great company with outstanding employees, a broad range of services and excellent customer service. Enoch was a sponsor of our 2012 Margarita Party and last month they featured us on their website as one of their strategic partners. Additionally, they offer top of the line equipment from Kyocera, Konica Minolta, HP and other manufacturers.


How can your business benefit from Managed Print?

Every office needs a printer or copier, Teltek has an Enoch-supported Kyocera printer/copier/scanner in our Baltimore office! If your company handles a lot of paperwork (medical offices, law firms, etc) it would be in your best interest to get on board with document imaging so those bills, records and notes can be scanned and saved into a database that is then electronically searchable. 


Teltek is proud to be partnered with Enoch on this endeavor. For more information on Teltek’s Managed Print offering, call Teltek today!

IT services is the fourth component to Teltek‘s multi-systems approach as your single source technology services company. This Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering completes our longstanding goal to provide our clients with a one-call resource for all of their business technology needs. IT outsourcing, remote back up and disaster recovery, helpdesk support, computer network relocations, security products and server/desktop virtualization are just a few of the services now available.

Girl On Wire – Have You Hugged An Emergency Communicator Today?

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Tax Day is not the only noteable event today. This week, April 14-20, 2013, is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. The purpose of this designation is to recognize the men and women who answer and respond to emergency calls by delivering instructions to the callers and dispatching paramedics, police and fire personnel. These emergency communication professionals are the first ones contacted in times of crisis and it’s an extremely stressful and important job.

Emergency communication workers include calltakers, dispatchers and the technicians who maintain the radio and phone system equipment.

Teltek has very close ties to the Emergency Response industry. Our very own Chris Nicoli is a volunteer with the Sykesville Freedom District Fire Department and we helped the SFDFD by installing cabling and telephone and paging equipment in the new station when the building suffered a roof collapse and fire in 2010. Another one of our team members is a former police officer who would assist at the station’s call center when additional personnel was required.

The idea of dedicating a week to the men and women who serve as public safety telecommunicators was suggested by Patricia Anderson of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office in 1981. The California agency celebrated their own holiday for the next three years before it started to spread across the country and was officially recognized by Congress in the early 1990s.

Many local agencies around the country will host tours of their facilities and celebrations to mark the occasion and honor the people you may never meet, but serve in these vital roles. It is hoped that this week will raise awareness and prompt thank you notes and commendation letters to the unsung heroes of emergency services.

As a telecommunications and IT company, Teltek salutes the men and women who answer and respond to emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank you for your daily heroism!


Girl On Wire – Discovering And Remembering Margaret Thatcher

Monday, April 8th, 2013

This morning I learned of Margaret Thatcher‘s passing with the rest of the world. She was an amazing woman and a true pioneer in world politics and diplomacy. I wanted to learn more about the former prime minister, so I did some quick research that I will share with you today. Did you know that her first job was in the science and technology field?

The “Iron Lady”, well known for her personal and political toughness, lived a very full life of 87 years and was Britain’s first female prime minister and the longest-serving prime minister of the postwar era. She served three consecutive terms in office.

She was born in 1925 and was the daughter of a grocer. In college she studied chemistry and her first job was as a research chemist. Mrs. Thatcher was then drawn to the legal field and became a barrister specializing in tax law.

Her political career began while she was at Oxford, where she was elected president of the student Conservative Association.

Mrs. Thatcher was elected to Britain’s House of Commons in 1959 as its youngest female member. In 1970, she was made Britain’s secretary of state for education and science. She was chosen to lead the Conservatives in 1975 and was elected prime minister in 1979 where she led the Conservative Party until 1990.  

She was an advocate of privatizing state-owned industries and utilities, reforming trade unions, lowering taxes and reducing social expenditure. While her policies reduced inflation, unemployment dramatically increased during her years in office. Her close political and personal relationship with former president Ronald Reagan is well known.

In 1992, Thatcher left the House of Commons. She was appointed a peeress in the House of Lords with the title of Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven and traveled the world as speaker. In 1991, she founded the the Margaret Thatcher Foundation to advance the cause of political and economic freedom.

Her personal life was accomplished as well. She and her husband of 52 years raised a set of twins. Baroness Thatcher retired from public life after a stroke in 2002 and suffered several strokes after that.

Although some of her actions and policies were controversial, her legacy is inspirational and she will be remembered as a powerful leader and role model.

Girl On Wire – Fond Memories Of Easter Deception

Monday, April 1st, 2013


Easter was always a fun holiday growing up and it still is. Despite my adult status, I still get a basket with candy from my parents every year. I enjoy returning the favor and this year included a 16 ounce gummy rabbit for my Jujyfruit-loving Dad.

How big is a 16 ounce gummy bunny? It's taller than my Avaya IP Office phone!


Some of my favorite memories of Easter were the hunts for baskets and eggs. Mom would hide our baskets and we had to follow clues to find them. One year, in all my obnoxious teenage glory, I proclaimed that my basket was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy to find.

Mom took this into consideration when hiding my basket the following year. Hours after I started my quest, I gave in… exhausted from a thorough shake-down of the house. She finally revealed its location to me; in my Dad’s workroom (gross), in the trashcan (even more gross) under the bag of trash (eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!).

I never complained again.

After baskets were found, the hunting continued at my Grandma’s house down the street. All my aunts, uncles and cousins came into town and my uncles hid plastic eggs all over the back yard for all us kids to search for. As we were diving under bushes and lifting up rocks, my Uncle Tom would follow us around and torment us. “You know one of the plastic eggs has a twenty dollar bill in it right?” or “I think I see the money egg over there…”

Promises of cold hard cash added even more pressure to the situation and created chaos in the yard. Elbows in faces, shoving matches and my uncles snorting with laughter. Year after year that $20 egg never showed up. Each one that was opened had jelly beans and dimes, sometimes a quarter.

The “jackpot egg” became a legend in our family and yesterday my brother and I reminded Uncle Tom that we are still waiting for that plastic egg payday. We like to do that every year :)

One of the news shows I was watching over the weekend featured egg decorating tricks for the truly devious hider; granite spray paint to make eggs look like rocks, fake sod to glue to the outside…pure genius! My uncles would have loved to have employed some of those measures.

If you are hunting for help managing your communications system or IT equipmentTeltek has a sweet solution for you! Fill your basket with Total Care Assurance, our all-inclusive package that supports your phones, cabling, computers…the whole deal! No tricks here either, just treats. We will spell out everything that is covered in a contract and will work with you to find a plan that fits in your budget.

How big of an impact can our services make on your business’s productivity?

More than a 16 ounce gummy rabbit!


Girl On Wire – Separation Anxiety Solutions

Monday, March 25th, 2013


You might not know this, but I have a dog. She’s a wonderful companion who is very sweet and still very active for her age of approximately 14. I don’t know exactly how old she is because she is a rescue from an animal shelter.

Anyway, she has a fantastic personality, but she’s very sad because she recently lost her constant companion of twelve years who was also one of her puppies. I say recently, but he passed away from cancer back in October. Since then it has been a rough road for both of us. We miss him and his quirky dog spirit, but it’s much harder on her since she doesn’t understand what’s going on and why he’s not around.

Her loneliness quickly plunged my peaceful existence into chaos. It suddenly became unacceptable for her to spend any amount of time alone…ever. She followed me from room to room, barked almost constantly if I’d leave and barked even more when I came home. This is a psychological condition known as separation anxiety and is a typical reaction to a big shake up in an animal (or person’s) world.

What followed this behavior was a series of attempts made to comfort her and try to find a solution to the problem. I tried many things, but what finally worked was activity and companionship. The simple fact is, she has never been alone and has no intention of getting used to the idea. So now she goes to Doggie Daycare a few days a week and spends the other days with one of my neighbors.

Since this has been a big part of my life lately, it’s on my mind a lot too.  I think many of us have experienced some form of separation anxiety at one time or another. Maybe you feel guilty leaving your kids or pets behind to go to work or you just moved out of your parents’ house and you’re living on your own for the first time. This can also occur if you are used to working in an office with other people and then end up as a telecommuter.

There is yet another type of separation anxiety and that occurs when someone is so overwhelmed with what is happening in their office, that they can’t bear to leave for fear of what may go wrong if they are not physically on site.

If this is a feeling you can identify with, Teltek can help! We have many tools to help you stay connected to the office. Many of the Avaya and NEC phone systems we sell and support provide features such as call forwarding and mobile twinning, so you never have to miss a call to your office. 

Another option is videoconferencing solutions, so you can actually see your co-workers while you’re speaking with them.

Are you are worried about your employees photocopying their butts instead of handling inbound and outbound calls? Have no fear, we can set you up with call accounting software! This amazing tool gives you the ability to log in and view real-time information about who is on the phone, who is not and who has their do not disturb button activated.

Slackers beware! There’s a new sherriff in town and he or she is no longer afraid to leave the office because productivity continues and this can be verified remotely. Teltek is here to calm your fears. The office environment of 2013 is more mobile than ever. Let go of your separation anxiety with a little help from us!

Girl On Wire – The Day After

Monday, March 18th, 2013


Did everyone have an enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day? I sure hope so, my day was really fun :)

It’s tough to have such a popular party day fall on a Sunday since it’s a “school night” for most of us. In case you had a few too many green beers (or margaritas) yesterday, I have compiled some hangover cures I found online. Mondays are difficult enough without adding a pounding headache to the start of your week, so let’s send those bad feelings packing!

1. Take a sick day: stay home, sleep in and watch “The Hangover” in your jammies. Those guys get into so much trouble, you know they are feeling 10 times worse than you are.

2. Hit the bottle (of aspirin): Use ibuprofen or aspirin if you have a headache, but NOT acetaminophen, which can adversely affect your liver

3. Hydrate: alcohol is a diruetic and will leave you dehydrated. Get some fluids back in your system with increasing your water intake. Try sports drinks or coconut water to replace electrolytes.

4. Load Up On Carbs: Bread and Crackers will work to get your blood sugar rebalanced and settle your stomach

5. Have a fruity drink (not the kind that comes with an umbrella): Foods and drinks that contain fructose and vitamins C and B, such as apples, berries and fruit juice, can help burn off alcohol

Hopefully, one of these ideas will get you back on track soon.


If you are having a technology hangover, I have a cure for that too! What do I mean by a technology hangover? I am referring to that piece of equipment in your office that used to do a good job, but now creates headaches for everyone. It could be a phone system that randomly drops calls or a computer virus your terminals can’t seem to shake.

Teltek is your one-call technology support wonder drug! If your computers, phone system or general technology set up is not performing at the level you need it to, give us a call! All of us celebrated responsibly yesterday, so we are here to answer your questions and make recommendations to get you and your office feeling good again.

Girl On Wire – Spring 2013 Fashion Report

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Last year around this time, my GOW column featured Spring Fashion accessory trends. Well, it’s a new year and there are exciting developments in store (pun intended) for 2013!

Once again, I defer to the stylish gurus of Harper’s Bazaar to tell us what is hot this season, so here is the scoop:


1. Transparency: crystal clear bags and lucite heels on shoes (careful what you keep in your purses Ladies, no secrets this season!)

2. On The Fringe: bracelets and necklaces have a little more movement

3. Glad To Be Back: Gladiator boots and sandals will bring out your inner warrior. Get into those stores and CHARGE!

4. Black & White: color blocking, stripes or patterns, however you choose to combine these extremes you will be stylin’

5. Ga Ga for Goggles: Huge sunglasses are a returning trend from last year

5. Bold Gold: jewelry, belts and purses will have that extra blingy shine

7. Pack Your Bags: Big purses are back. You can fit a weekend of fun into one of these…

8. Get Stacked: Stacked and sturdy heels are dominating the runway this season. They appear to have stomped over the stilettos

9. BoHo A Go Go: Bohemian inflences will manifest in long, dangly earrings and layered, statement necklaces


You are now ready to fashionably make the scene, but what about your phone system? No worries, I have that covered as well!

Introducing, TELTEK’s Spring 2013 Accessories Report!!!

What should all the style-conscious phones and phone systems have on hand to be ready to rule the runway? Whether you have Avaya or NEC equipment, Teltek can update your look with the following:


Calling All Bright, Bold Colors: The Avaya 9600 Series of telephones offers a variety of colored faceplates to personalize your handset. Choose from a few standard colors or design one yourself using the Avaya one-X® Deskphone Faceplate Designer! This tool allows you to quickly and easily design customized faceplates for many Avaya one-X 9600-series IP Deskphones. Using Adobe AIR, you can incorporate themes, colors, logos and graphics to create a truly unique communications device.

Holding Patterns: There’s a new Music on Hold device that is making a splash this season. MOH Player features over 150 voice actors to record your message and 300 royalty free songs to keep your waiting callers humming a different tune, perhaps your own catchy, company jingle!
Accountability is Always in Style: Do you have a NEC SL1100 phone system? If so, today is your lucky day! NEC just released the SL1100 Communications Analyst. This trendy piece of software allows you to monitor and analyze telephone calls, understand telephone usage and cut costs. Data compiled by the Analyst can be used to improve business effectiveness and reduce costs, so more cash can go toward updating your wardrobe!

These are just a few of the fabulous accessories available at Teltek. Click here to see the entire (Spring) Line!

If you have any questions about our Spring 2013 Accessory Preview and how these hot items can enhance your office, call us today!