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4 Advantages of Going with a Single Technology Vendor

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Single Point of Contact

One of the biggest problems with having multiple vendors supply and support your office’s phone system, computers, helpdesk, internet service, etc. is that when there’s an issue you have to call multiple companies. Not only can that be annoying, but it also wastes precious time you could be putting into your business. With a single vendor, you’ll have just ONE contact for all of your small business technology. So get rid of that list with all of your vendors and their contact information and feel the freedom that one vendor can give!


Saves You Money

When you have systems with multiple vendors, you generally pay a higher price because you’re forced to buy separate systems to get to the same end. Single vendors can often offer better prices because of the higher volume of equipment/technology and the technical support they can also provide.  You also don’t have to deal with multiple invoices which makes it easier to know what you are paying for and saves time on paying your bills.


Better Integration

Have you ever had an issue with one piece of technology not communicating with another one? Or maybe two systems have overlapping features and you think, “What’s the point?” Well, a single vendor who provides all of your small business’s technology and support will solve those problems. Each system tightly integrates with the next and tends to work more efficiently than hodge-podge systems.



Not only do you have a single point of contact with one vendor (one contact, one invoice = EASY!), but troubleshooting and maintenance also tends to be easier because of the expertise and knowledge Technical Support has with their products. And with Teltek’s Total Care Assurance, your service request is managed by a project manager who leads you through the entire process, from installation to ongoing support.

Teltek Introduces Internship To Stevenson University Students in Owings Mills, MD

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014




Technology Focused Business Development Internship



Orioles game with Earthlink




 Internship Overview: A business development internship is designed to equip students with the various skills and tactics used in a business development role. Typical duties for a business development internship position include making outbound calls to businesses, using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software; marketing; business networking; visiting clients’ places of business in order to strike a deal; understanding the clients’ business operations; suggesting the clients to take up an appropriate service or project with the company; attending training sessions designed for business development executives; coordinating efforts with other business development interns/Account Executives and performing other tasks assigned by business development managers.

A business development internship is generally suited for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing, psychology, sociology or anyone that may be interested in pursuing a career in sales. This will be an intensive 8-week paid internship (15-20 hours per week) appropriate for only motivated, hard working seniors that are seriously considering a career in sales when they graduate.


Ideal candidates are passionate, competitive, smart, responsible, self-starters that enjoy meeting new people and have a passion for business, technology and deal making. Excellent communication and customer service skills are key traits for this position.


Company Overview: Teltek is a fast-paced and progressive technology services company that provides cloud, telephony and IT related products and services nationwide. Established in 1997, Teltek distinguishes itself by offering exceptional client service with a centralized vendor for procurement and ongoing support of business technology solutions. Located just minutes from the Stevenson University campus, Teltek is actively motivated college seniors for enrollment into this internship program. Additional information on Teltek can be found at


Internship Goals: Upon completion of this 8-week internship program you should:

  1. Have a better understanding of pursuing a professional career in sales
  2. Have a better understanding of the IT and Telecommunications industry
  3. Master the art of a “cold-call” and appointment setting
  4. Understand the difference of marketing versus sales: hands on use of social media, email marketing, organic and pay per click Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Attend 1-2 offsite sales meetings alongside of a Teltek Account Executive
  6. Attend 2 offsite technical installations alongside of Teltek Engineers better understand product/service delivery
  7. Attend 3-5 business networking events (1-2 independently)
  8. Effectively be able to deliver an elevator pitch for Teltek management, clients and prospects
  9. Be prepared to overview what you learned about closing strategies
  10. Have a personal LinkedIn account established and as system in place to grow your network
  11. Understand the finance behind sales (Gross profit, margin, mark up, selling on ROI, finding money inside an organization to fund what you are proposing, pricing strategies, etc.)
  12. Understand how Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and CRM software is used for sales purposes
  13. Complete the following Technical training:
    1. NEC SL1100 Sales Training
    2. Service Provider Sales Training
    3. Cabling Sales Training
    4. Complete basic IT Sales Training
  14. Write and publish 4 blog articles about your internship experience, relevant industry news, etc.
  15. Read the following two books and be prepared to have a discussion about them
    1. The Ultimate Sales Machine
    2. Raving Fans (Customer Service)
  16. Attend an etiquette and networking dinner at a local 5-star restaurant


TO APPLY: Please send resume to along with a cover letter specifying what makes you a great candidate for this opportunity. When applying please include 3 personal/professional references and/or letters of recommendation.


Internship Schedule

  • Week 1: General Business Etiquette and Office Procedures
    • General orientation
    • Complete DISC communication and behavioral assessment strategy
    • Introduction to Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and CRM
    • Defining individual goals and objectives
    • Introduction to Audio Books and how to leverage them
  • Week 2: Mastering the Art Of Cold Call
    • Learning the anatomy of a sale: Pain, Budget, Decision, Rapport
    • Constructing and delivering our elevator pitch
    • Identifying your audience and how to connect with them
    • Getting past the gatekeeper
    • Research: Online/LinkedIn
    • Watch Pursuit of Happiness and be prepared to discuss how it relates to your internship
  • Week 3: Sales & Technical Training:
    • Complete technical sales training
    • Attend 1-2 technical installations
  • Week 4: Business Networking
    • Establish LinkedIn account and a strategy to build connections
    • Offsite: how to work the room at a networking event
    • Networking event objectives
    • Networking event follow-ups
    • How to utilize the Business Journal
    • How to identify new opportunities
    • Strategic partnerships
  • Week 5: Marketing
    • Understanding the difference in marketing VS Sales
    • Understand how to write an optimized blog
    • Understand the proper use of social media and email news letters
    • Have attended 1-2 networking events alongside of Teltek AE
  • Week 6: Closing Strategies that Work
    • Learning when to hold them, when to fold them and when to walk away
    • Learn how to deliver an effective proposal and presentation
    • How to write a persuasive letter/ email
    • How to ask for the deal
    • Buying signs and forecasting deal probability
  • Week 7: Understanding the Finance Behind a Sale
    • Understand terminology: Gross profit, margin, mark up, selling on ROI
    • Complete exercise on how to “find money” inside an organization to fund what you are proposing
    • Discuss pricing strategies
  • Week 8 Summary:
    • Attend an etiquette and networking dinner at a local 5-star restaurant
    • Prepare and present a 10 minute presentation to Teltek management
      • 5 Minutes about your internship experience
      • 5 Minute sales pitch on product/service of your choice
    • Complete and exit interview
    • Publish closing blog about your experience




Teltek Q&A: Windows XP End of Support and Migration to Windows 8

Friday, December 13th, 2013





“I have been running XP for years now. I have never needed support. My system runs well with it and I understand the interface. The problem will arise when I decide to buy a laptop, as I see a future with me being on the move. I want to take my copy of XP and load it on anything new that I buy. What problems will I run into?”


Teltek’s Answer:


Users can still purchase and operate Windows XP, although Microsoft will soon end their support (April 8, 2014).  This means that Microsoft will stop developing or delivering any updates (security or otherwise), ultimately leaving the operating system exposed. However, it also means that manufacturers of software and hardware will end their support (if they haven’t already) for those items as well, as  they are unable to go to Microsoft for assistance when problems arise.


An alternative would be getting Windows 7 with XP Mode if you must use XP for some reason. Again, keep in mind there will not be updates to the virtual version either.  This can  give the user of certain versions of XP a virtual machine type of interface, allowing users to still run old XP items while retaining the XP Desktop.  This feature provides a fully licensed version of XP. There is no need to move your existing install to the new system, but you will have to move your apps and data. This would give you the best of both worlds, so to speak (with limitations to updates/patches, etc).


In addition, Windows 7 has much better for security then XP.   Supplemental information on Windows 7 with XP mode can be found here and this website.  You will need to have a system that runs Win 7 Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate Editions.
Note: XP mode is NOT supported on Windows 8. 


So what’s the short answer?  There is little incentive to keep XP. It’s a very mature operating system and is well-liked and accepted- but, its time is coming to an end. Teltek suggests moving to Windows 7, or even to Windows 8.1 as support for XP, virtual or otherwise, will soon be non-existent.




Secrets from Inside a Maryland IT Support Company – 2 Minds Are Not Alike!

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Teltek IT Services


I recently received an email from the CIO of MCL Direct, a marketing and distribution firm that represents the increasingly popular universal phone system call accounting and call recording software.

At the bottom of his email he had his November thought: “I believe two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different”. What a simple but great set of words!


This got me to thinking early this morning about how applicable this comment is in the world of IT support. No two people design/program a network infrastructure   exactly the same, look at a problem the same way, or approach the resolution to a problem the same.  While that doesn’t necessarily mean one is wrong, for most small business owners this leads to fear, uncertainty and doubt when trying to compare two Managed Service Provider’s offerings or get a 2nd opinion about a support problem.


I felt compelled to write this blog in place of my usual routine of “getting ahead” of my email messages to bring this to light… I am sure when the office opens this morning; I may come to regret this decision!   It is my observation that more often than not when a client hires a new an IT Service company for the first time or to take over from another support company, the new company likes to make a lot of changes before assuming responsibility for their network. Here is the secret: in a world of thousands of products on the market, there is no way that one company can be an expert at all of them. Therefore, it is critical for an IT company to have consistency in the networks that they are responsible for supporting.


As a owner here at Teltek, I have been on both sides of this paradigm, and on a regular basis witness how technical people criticize the former “IT Guy” for their design, hardware selection or configuration. This reminds me of the proverb that my father often quotes – “hindsight is 20/20”.

I believe it is important for the new IT Company and the client to take a step back and come to terms with the following:

  • Most likely, the design/configuration was not the initial plan – it has evolved this way.
  • Budget is always a factor.  Maybe the client wanted the Cadillac  but could only afford the Chevy at the time.
  • Technology is always changing and improving.
  • But most importantly,” two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different!”


In conclusion, when making a change to your office technology or selecting a new support company, remember there is no golden all-encompassing solution. What you are buying is a company that listens to your problems, devises the best solution within your budget and responds quickly when you have a problem.


Thank you to Mike for sharing this thought – here is a plug for Tapit! Trisys has offered a wide variety of effective and affordable call accounting and call recording products since 1984:

Trisys Tapit Tality Call Accounting: . Tality is a call accounting software specifically designed for the service industry allowing businesses to generate additional revenue by monitoring phone activity and rebilling telecom usage it back out to their client and guests.  Tality paired with an Avaya IP Office Phone System is a configuration often seen in eldercare facilities, hotels and campus environments. Here, these facilities utilize this combination to offer telephone services to their residents/guests/students and then 

Tapit Nova: Call accounting software that works with virtually any telephone system that provides SMDR / CDR (Call Detail Record) information. This product is implemented using industry standard ASP.NET and SQL Server

Tapit EX Call Accounting:  Call accounting software that works with any telephone system that provides SMDR (Station Message Detail Record) information.

Tapit REPLAY Call Recording Software:  Replay T1 will record voice activity over T1 PRI trunks. This turn-key system attaches in the front of PBX or a channel bank. They provide hardware, software and cables. Basic configuration of Replay T1 has enough storage for up to 11,000 hours of voice logging!




Teltek attends Speaking with Authenticity

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013



Keith Scott, the owner of TALLspeaking

 Hosted by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Keith Scott, the owner of TALLspeaking addressed the crowd of about 50 fellow Carroll County, MD business owners on the morning of September 17th, 2013. He covered topics such as, analyzing your audience, why we get nervous speaking in public, understanding body language and reducing filler words.

TALLspeaking is a Baltimore, Maryland based speaking strategy firm that coaches on public speaking, business presentations, interviewing skills as well as other communication improvements. Additionally Scott currently holds the position of CEO/President of the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce/Small Business Resource.

Teltek, a Maryland based technology services company  is always seeking new and innovative presentations to attend, people to meet and guests for our quarterly staff  training. If you or someone you know is worth being heard please leave us a comment below.  


NEC SL1100 Phone System Release 3.5 Now Available

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

NEC is very pleased to announce the introduction of SL1100 Release 3.5 software, which provides some significant system enhancements:

  • PCPro with Categorized View
    PCPro has been enhanced to streamline SL1100 system programming, by      providing a new view that categorizes the programs!

Multiple programs – that were previously on separate pages – are now all grouped together for ease of programming!

There are five categories:

  • System (Blades, Numbering, Timers, etc.)
  • Stations      (Configuration, Department Groups, etc.)
  • Lines      (Configuration, Incoming, Toll Restriction, etc.)
  • InMail (Configuration,      Answer Tables, Call Routing, etc.)
  • Maintenance      (Alarms, Licensing, etc.)

There are now two programming formats presented:

  • Standard (New categorized view)
  • Advanced (The view that takes you to all the programs)

Another “ease of programming” enhancement is that PCPro no longer requires logging in, as it now just opens up at the Installer level.

  • System capacities increased:
         Support of 4th Cabinet increases maximum of station ports and analog      trunks -
  • Maximum of digital station ports increased from (72) to (96)
  • Maximum of analog station ports increased from (60) to (80)
  • Maximum of all station ports (digital, analog, and IP) increased from (84)      to (112)
  • Maximum of analog trunk ports increases from (36) to (48)     

Maximum of InMail subscriber mailboxes increases from (84) to (112)

Important: Installation of a 4th cabinet requires system software 3.5 or higher and an updated version of the Main KSU (p/n 1100010). A Main KSU is only compatible if the fourth character of the “Lot No.” is “D” or higher. The lot number can be viewed on the Main KSU itself as well as on the carton. Note: The Main KSU modification is not field upgradable!

Example of compatible Main KSU Lot Number: 118DDA-G

  • Network port capacity Increased:     
         Maximum of networked system ports increased from (168) to (256)
  • NEC uMobility WiFi Client:
         This is a state of the art SIP application that connects a supported smart phone to the SL1100 over the customer’s WiFi network.

This solution provides a user with a SIP softphone for the iPhone®, Android™ phone, or Blackberry® phone. The following functions are allowed:

  • Answer incoming calls to the associated SL1100 system directly from the smartphone.
  • Make calls from the smart phone using the SL1100 system’s outside lines, masking your personal cell phone number.
  • Use the smart phone through WiFi at the office, at home, or at a public hotspot (VPN is required).
  • Hold and transfer calls to other stations in the SL1100.
  • Access  the SL1100 voice mail from the smart phone.

The NEC uMobility Client requires a no-charge “app” from the associated app store and an SL1100 3rd-Party SIP Station License (p/n 1100089). Each uMobility station uses an SL1100 IP station port, and therefore the system must be equipped with a VoIP Daughter Board.

For example, this is an image of the NEC uMobility iPhone® app at the Apple store:

Refer to the NEC SL1100 Features and Specifications Manual for details, including a listing of tested smart phones and the OS required for each.

InMail Auto Setting:
When an InMail CompactFlash is installed (Warm Start or Cold Start), the InMail will automatically be assigned to ports 113 ~ 128.

Note – If the voice mail is already installed and the system is upgraded to version 3.5 or higher, the ports will not be automatically re-assigned.

To learn more about NEC Telephone systems for you Baltimore or Washington DC based business contact Teltek at 410.552.6580.

June 11th 2013 Release From NEC Channel

Teltek Gets Charged By The Voltage Awards

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

On May 9th, Chris Nicoli of Teltek attended Smart CEO’s Baltimore VOLTAGE Awards event held at the Westin, BWI in Baltimore, MD.

This event celebrates the role that technology plays in the Baltimore business community and the future impact the technology sector will have on the city’s economic growth.


A photo of Voltage Award recipients  taken by Chris Nicoli, Teltek A photo of Voltage Award recipients
taken by Chris Nicoli, Teltek


Awards are given in categories of Innovators and Implementers and each category has sub categories based on company size; emerging, small, medium and large.

Innovators are defined as organizations that are developing new technologies that improve operational efficiencies. Companies that are using technology to enhance their competitive advantage are classified as technology Implementers.

The finalists are selected by an independent panel of business leaders selects finalists from applications submitted to Smart CEO.

In addition to being honored at the event, VOLTAGE award finalists will be profiled in the May issue of SmartCEO magazine.

Chris enjoyed the event very much and reported that he felt privileged to take part in an event where so many technology innovators were honored for their developments and achievements. As a technology company, Teltek appreciates the accomplishments of our colleagues in the technology realm.

Teltek is proud to offer IT services as the fourth component to our multi-systems approach as your single source technology services company. This Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering completes our longstanding goal to provide our clients with a one-call resource for all of their business technology needs. IT outsourcing, remote back up and disaster recovery, helpdesk support, computer network relocations, security products and server/desktop virtualization are just a few of the services available.

Teltek, Glass Jacobson And Guests Mix It Up At The Havana Club

Thursday, May 9th, 2013


Last evening, Teltek co-hosted a small affair with Glass Jacobson at the Havana Club in downtown Baltimore. Each company invited ten guests for a vodka tasting and networking event. It was a fun and festive atmosphere!


networking at the Havana Club











Cole Younger, Jim Ries and Deb Tillett socialize at the event






Last year at this time we had a similar event with Glass Jacobson that featured bourbon.

The festivities began with networking and lemon-ginger vodka cocktails and then progressed to the tasting portion, at which point guests sampled three different types of vodka, including Finlandia infused with ginger and lemon, Crop tomato and Tito’s, while Jeff Davis of Reliable-Churchill provided tasting tips and interesting facts about each brand. Guests were then treated to a lesson in correct cocktail mixing.



Carrie Green of Teltek shakes things up!


Prizes, including gourmet vodka sauce and a drinking glass crafted from a vodka bottle, were awarded to guests who correctly answered a few trivia questions posed by Jeff Davis.

Scott Douglas of Douglas Commercial won the vodka bottle glass!



One of our guests sent us the following message today:

“I just wanted to thank you sooo much for extending the invitation for me to attend last night’s gathering at the Havana Club. Teltek and the Glass Jacobson folks provided an enjoyable evening for all who attended…with great networking opportunities. I especially loved that it wasn’t too large a group, allowing those present to get acquainted. I met some terrific people and the evening was lots of fun!”


If you’d like to see more photos of this event, please visit our flickr page!


Teltek is a Certified Avaya Business Partner, NEC Dealer, and Microsoft Partner with two locations in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. We specialize in providing one call technology support for small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania.


Glass Jacobson is a CPA wealth management firm who works primarily with business owners in the Baltimore-metro area. Their proactive and integrated approach includes tax, accounting, business strategy and planning, investment advisory, financial planning and wealth protection.


Girl On Wire – The ETC Announces Its Next Move

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013





The biggest buzz around the water cooler in Teltek‘s Baltimore City office at the Emerging Technology Center is that the ETC is moving to a new location in October, specifically, to 101 North Haven Street in Highlandtown.

For the past two years, our Baltimore home has been situated within the award-winning technology incubator and we have loved being here.  The Can Company building has loads of character and is conveniently located to many great restaurants, shops and Starbucks! It also holds great memories of Teltek Margarita Parties past, the last two were held in its hallowed halls.

The relocation is the next exciting chapter for the ETC, whose “big picture” mission includes revitalizing urban areas that could use some TLC and they accomplished that objective successfully in Canton upon moving to this area in 1999.

In true ETC fashion, the incubator is relocating from one historic industrial building to another. After carefully restoring and modernizing a canning company abandoned long ago, the ETC will breathe new life into the former home of the King Cork and Seal Company.  

The big move was announced last Friday in a press release that included a message from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, “We wish them the best of luck and success in their new location.  I’m confident that the ETC will continue to be an important driver of innovation and entrepreneurship in the city. ” 

Deb Tillett, President of the ETC noted that the move to Haven Street opens up affordable office space in Canton for graduates of the ETC to occupy, so it’s a winning situation all around.

Teltek is thrilled for the ETC’s success and new location and we have been happy to be a part of the Emerging Technology Center family.


A Teltek Friend Is One Of Ten To Watch!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013


Congratulations to our friend and creative partner in crime, Jessica Watson of JWatson Creative!

Jessica was recently featured in the March 20th issue of b, the Baltimore Sun’s weekly entertainment newspaper. She is one of “10 To Watch Under 30″. The world is figuring out what Teltek has known for years…this girl has talent! We remember when she opened a JWatson Creative office in Federal Hill back in 2011.

The article highlights her accomplishments and the fact that this year she plans to work remotely from different cities such as Atlanta, New Orleans and San Francisco and interact with those communities while she’s there.

If you are familiar with our Margarita Party, you have seen our fantastic and colorful invitations, designed by Jessica, who also designed our Margarita Party logo, which we all LOVE!

In addition to extraordinary creativity, Jessica is wonderful to associate with personally and professionally. She has designed many of our sell sheets and is currently working on a project for us that will be seen in a mail box near you very soon, so watch out for that!

Way to go Jessica! We can’t wait to see what’s next for you :)