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Understanding the Avaya IP Office Essential Edition – PARTNER Version

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

In August of 2010 the Avaya Partner ACS System was discontinued after more than 20 years of service. The secession plan defined by Avaya was to enable Euro Series 1 and Euro Series 2 phones (see below) to migrate to the new platform, the Avaya IP Office Partner Edition.  The third phone featured below the AT&T/Lucent/Avaya Partner MLS series of phones will not migrate.

In addition to migrating the old Avaya Partner Euro Series 1 and Euro Series two Phones Avaya introduced the 1400 Series Digital phones; this not only offered a sleek new look but also added value as the Avaya 1408 and Avaya 1416 can both be migrated to the Avaya IP Office Essentials Edition, Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition System.  


The most noticeable difference between the ACS and IP Office Partner Version is the look of the KSU/CPU. See below how the old ACS is a wall mount unit and the Partner Version is rack mounted. Note that while on the surface the IP Office 500 V1 and V2 chassis look the same the Partner Version requires the V2 Chassis.  


The new system is configured by adding internal expansion modules and daughter cards to the chassis much like it predecessor the Partner ACS.

The ETR-6 Card provides 6 ETR (PARTNER Euro ACS telephone) Station ports (Ports 1-6); and supports (1) of the following optional Daughter Cards: ATM-4 or PRI/T1 (also new to the Partner). When an ATM-4 is added, ports 7-8 become Power Failure Transfer ports, and ports 9-12 provide 4 additional CO Line Ports.

Considerations when configuring system:

  • Maximum of 3 ETR Cards per system
  • Supports Partner 6/6D 18/18D 34D 3910 3920 sets / analog devices
  • Maximum of (4) 34D per system / 2-per card
  • ETR 6/18/34 D, Euro-Style, Refresh (Euro 2) digital phones and 3910/3920 wireless phones are Supported on IP Office Essential Edition – PARTNER Version only
  • Maximum of 3 Extension Cards per IP500V2

The IP Office IP500V2 Partner SD Card is required for all Partner Edition systems and configures the IP500V2 control unit for the PARTNER Version. One of the nicest features with this is that a basic 2-port voicemail is built in!

 Overview of the SD Card:

  • Has 3 SIP trunks embedded on it; can be expanded to a max of 20 per system
  • Has 3 Mobility licenses embedded on it; can be expanded to a max of 20 per system
  • Has 2-ports embedded voice mail; can be expanded to a max of to 6 ports
  • 15-hours storage, dial by name directory, and one auto attendant
  • Record a call and Outcalling are NOT supported on this version

Additional Facts about IP Office Partner Version:

  • An SD Card is required with the IP500V2 and serves as Feature Key/voicemail
  • PARTNER Version is available only in North America
  • 48 phone/stations is the maximum capacity  
  • Up to 18 PARTNER Euro Phones can be used
  • Up to 46 digital stations or up to 48 analog stations can be used
  • Up to 36 trunks can be used (up to 12 analog CO lines and (1) PRI/T1 (24 Channels))
  • Up to 20 SIP Lines can be used

If you are interested in learning more about the Avaya IP Office Partner Version or any other small to medium size business phone system please contact a Teltek consultant today at 1.866.9.Teltek today.