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Avaya Partner Voicemail Options

The Partner ACS system offers two main types of voicemail systems each with several options each:
The first is a small laptop style PCMIA card known as “Avaya Partner Voice Messaging PC Card Voicemail” or “PC Cards” and has two styles available, each support up to 2-ports: 
  1.  “PC Small”, supports 4-mailboxes
  2.  “PC Large”, supports 16-mailbox options
PCMCIA style voicemails are installed into a slot built directly into ACS processors and do not require additional slots of the 2 or 5-slot carrier (KSU).  PC voicemails are comparatively inexpensive but only offer limited features like basic voicemail greeting and auto-attendant. 

The second voicemail option is a full-featured Partner Messaging Module. This voicemail will consume one slot in the Partner ACS carrier but is expandable up to 6-ports and 200 mailboxes. It  offers features such as dial-by name directory, multiple greetings and multiple attendants.

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