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IP Office 2402, 5402, & 5602

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Merlin Magix DSS 50

Partner Euro Series I 6ND

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Partner Euro Series I DSS 48

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Trusted Partners

Over the years, Teltek has established relationships with a variety of partners that support our customers with complimentary products and services. After working together on numerous projects, we have developed a trust in these vendors and found that our clients appreciate a quality referral when they are in need of making additional purchases. We would like to share these trusted partners with you and hope that you find them to be as good of as resource as many of our customers already have.

Computer Networking Services

Gary Grabowski

NBS provides network implementation and software application development.  Spam and Anti-virus filtering, IT support, and domain registration.


Computer Networking Services

All Network Systems
John Nikirk

All Network Systems is a communications consulting firm that offers professional services in LAN and WAN networking, PC repair and maintenance, email management, network security, spam and anti-virus, and voice and phone solutions.


Event Planning

ChrissyMacon Photography
Christine Tachovsky

Chrissy has worked with many local Baltimore businesses to create unique, professional photographs for marketing and website work.  Types of projects include employee headshots, product photos, employees at work, customer interactions, and industry related photographs.


Event Planning

Baltimore’s Best Events
Gia Magliano

Baltimore’s Best Events is a full service planning and production company.  We provide entertainment services, party rentals, custom decoration and more.  At our event facility, we host events from children’s birthday parties to corporate fundraisers.


Website Developers

Adventure Web Productions
Gina Ramsey

Adventure Web Productions is one of the few full service internet development and web marketing companies in the area today. We specialize in affordable software development, database integration, web design and e-business and e-marketing solutions for every size business.


Trusted Vendors

Throughout our years in the telecommunications industry, we have worked with a wide variety of vendors and equipment manufacturer, and have become committed to only recommending the best products and services available. As you shop for your telecommunications solution, we hope that a recommendation to one of the vendors below help you in your search. By clicking each logo below, you will be directed to each Trusted Vendor's website so that you can learn more about their offerings. As a value added reselling for each of these companies, Teltek representatives can assist you with comparing vendors offerings, obtaining pricing, and discussing product integrations to ensure a complete telecommunications solution.

Adtran Logo APC American Power Conversion Logo Avaya Logo
Bogen Communications Inc Logo ClearOne Logo Cisco Meraki
Corning Logo Dell Logo Dell Sonicwall Logo
D-Link Logo EnGenius Logo Great Lakes Logo
Hitachi Cable Logo ICC Logo IntelliTouch Logo
Level3 Logo Microsoft Logo MultiTech Systems Logo
NEC Logo Netgear Logo Panasonic Security Systems Logo
Plantronics Logo Polycom Logo Qwest Logo
RapidRun Logo SnakeTray Logo Sprint Logo
TrippLite Logo Trisys Inc Logo TW Telcom
Valcom Logo Veramark Logo Verizon Logo
Viking Electronics Logo Xima  Logo XO Logo

Leasing & Financing

Avaya Partner Advanced Communication System

It is very common for our customers to elect lease/finance options for their communication solutions. A flexible payment plan enables them to acquire the essential technology the need to grow their business and gain a competitive edge on their competition.

Why Lease :

  • Affordable payments
  • Possible decreased tax liabilities
  • Preservation of bank lines of credit
  • Easy add-ons and upgrades
  • Improved cash flow

Trusted Leasing Partners

Teltek works primarily with two leasing companies, Susquehanna Bank and Avaya Financial. Both companies enable our customers with the affordable options and flexible payment plans needed to implement the latest technology.

Click on their logo's below to learn more about their offerings.

Susquehanna Financing Avaya Financial Services

What Can Be Leased?

Our leasing partners can roll almost any type of capital equipment that your business requires onto the same lease as your communication solutions offering you one easy-to-manage monthly payment. From $2,500 to $5 million, consider leasing the following:

Avaya IP Office Small Office Edition
  • Telephone Systems
  • Computers
  • Software
  • Energy Management
  • Furniture
  • Medical Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Printing Equipment
  • Fire & Safety Equipment
  • Landscaping
  • Woodworking Equipment

Even your Voice/Data Cabling, Labor and Training, and Monthly Maintenance can be including in your lease so contact us today to learn more.

Leasing Products

Fair Market Value

If you are worried about their equipment becoming obsolete this plan offers the most options. The customer can decide to upgrade purchase or return the equipment at the end of a 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60-month term.

$1 Purchase

If you want to to retain the equipment you are purchasing when the lease is up select the $1 purchase option and you will own your equipment for just $1.00 at the end of a 12, 24, 36, 48, 60-month term.

10% Buyout

If you want to retain the equipment you are purchasing when the lease is up then select the 10% purchase option and you will own your equipment for just 10% of the original purchase price at the end of a 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60-month term.

The Baker's Dozen

Choose a Baker's Dozen lease for smaller purchases; it is quick, easy to use and offers a great rate. Just take the total purchase price and divide it by 12 to calculate your monthly payments then add one additional payment on for interest. The equipment is yours to keep at the end of the 12-month period.

Benefits of Leasing

Teltek's Bob Nicoli and Gretchen Post of ATTRA
  • Let your equipment pay for itself.  Leasing provides you with the use of equipment for an agreed upon payment. You pay for equipment as it is being used to generate revenue rather than cash up front. This helps maximize the matching of income to investment.
  • Avoid Technological Obsolescence.  We take the risk if your equipment becomes devalued because of new technology. If you lease, you are not "stuck" with equipment that is no longer useful to you. Leasing also allows you to upgrade, trade-in, or add-on to your equipment during the lease term.
  • Tax Advantages.  Lease Payments may be fully deductible as a business expense. Leasing can also help you avoid Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) liability.
  • Minimize Balance Sheet Liabilities.  Lease payments may be eligible for "off-balance sheet" treatment, where items are treated as expenses rather than Assets and Liabilities, improving financial ratios.
  • Finance "Soft Costs".  You may be able to include some or all of the expenses associated with equipment use, such as shipping, installation, or maintenance, into the lease agreement.
  • Preserve Lines of Credit.  Leasing will not tie up valuable lines of credit you may need for expenses or to fuel growth and expansion.
  • Flexible Payment Options.  Leasing allows you to design payment structures to meet budgetary requirements or seasonal cash flows. Lease terms can range from 12 to 60 months with flexible renewal options.
  • Flexible End-of-lease Options.  At the end of your lease, you can purchase the equipment according to the predetermined purchase option, upgrade to new equipment, renew the lease at substantial savings.