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Trusted Partners

Over the years Teltek has been able to form relationships with business partners in the local area.  We have grown to trust these companies after working for them, with them, and beside them in many jobs and other professional settings.  We would like to share these friends as resources, and please feel free to contact any of the below companies and reference that Teltek recommended that you give them a call. (This is for your informational purposes only, Teltek is not responsible for the services provided by these companies)

Computer Networking Services

All Network Systems is a communications consulting firm that offers professional services in LAN and WAN networking, PC repair and maintenance, email management, network security, spam and anti-virus, and voice and phone solutions.

All Network Systems
John Nikirk

NBS provides network implementation and software application development.  Spam and Anti-virus filtering, IT support, and domain registration.

Gary Grabowski


Alarm Systems