Technology Recycling

Are you looking to get rid of old, obsolete or broken electronic equipment and cabling from your business? Teltek is now offering technology recycling—a green and charitable alternative to disposing your old office technology.

Teltek will come to your Mid-Atlantic business location and remove all unwanted, working or non-working computer desktops, laptops, monitors, tablets, printers, copiers, TV’s, audio-video equipment, telephone systems and other electronic devices. All devices collected will go through a rigorous process to properly and permanently destroy any remaining data so that we can ensure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Equipment that can be reused will be refurbished and donated to local nonprofit organizations and charities, or repurposed in other ways. Electronics that cannot be refurbished or redistributed will be properly recycled to prevent toxic chemicals in our nation’s landfills.

This service benefits companies and government organizations who have invested in new equipment and are unsure of what to do with their old technology, as well as those who are moving or have gone out of business and need to move their equipment quickly and efficiently. Some contributions may be tax deductible so be sure to check with your tax professional!

Contact Teltek at 1.866.9.Teltek to learn more about this service and obtain pricing.

Low Voltage Cable Removal/Recycling:

Did you know that the National Electrical Code requires the removal of low voltage (voice and data) cabling from a building when it is not in current use or tagged for future use? This has become a greater focus of property and building managers over the past few years because inspectors are cracking down on them. Here at Teltek, we have seen many real estate firms include language in their lease agreements requiring tenants to remove portions or their complete structured cabling systems upon vacating their space. Additionally, in most jurisdictions electrical inspectors will require the removal of old cable prior to passing an inspection for the installation of new cable, causing delays or preventing occupancy permits to be issued.

It is strongly recommended to have a knowledgeable low voltage cabling company safely and properly complete the cable removal and disposal. By doing so, they can properly identify out-of-service cabling and prevent the removal of cabling that may still be in service and passing through your suite to a neighboring tenant.

Unfortunately, overlooking it will not make it go away, so contact Teltek today to discuss your needs and to obtain a price quote.


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