Voice & Data Cabling

You would not build a house on an inadequate foundation, so why install mission critical technology on a deprived cabling infrastructure? Cabling is the base for every technology system and should be handled by qualified technicians. Teltek’s certified low-voltage cabling technicians have extensive knowledge in various types’ of voice and data structural cabling. Our specialists have the knowledge and proven expertise in installation and repair of the following types of plenum and riser cabling:

From the most basic standard small office environments to warehouses and multi-building campus environments, Teltek has professionally installed the above mentioned forms of cabling for the past 50 years. Each new cabling project begins with a site survey preformed by a Teltek engineer. They are responsible for assisting you and your team in floor plan creation and participating in project implementation/planning meetings. Once a plan is in place, technicians carefully install cabling according to local codes, test, certify and label each new wire. When cabling is complete, technicians will consult with each client to ensure that all prior non-functioning, existing cable is removed and that every device has been accounted for and is working properly. Teltek adheres to American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Building Industry Consulting Services International, (BICSI) and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards.

Teltek also takes great pride in cable Telco/network room cleanup projects. See photos below for an example of the work Teltek has done to correct cabling disasters created by other cabling technicians.

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