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Recycling and disposal of computers and other technology

Recycling and disposal of computers and other technology

What do I do with my old “stuff?”  What do I do with my old “stuff?”  I thought it was appropriate to follow my last post about Technology Lifecycle Strategy with one focusing on what to do with the actual “stuff” at the end of its lifecycle in your organization.


As our reliance on technology and the quest to possess the latest and greatest tools continues to increase, one question keeps coming up in conversation . . . “What do I do with the old stuff?”  Personally, I’ve asked this with question about my mobile devices which seem to be the most frequently upgraded technology that I own, so let’s start there.


How to prepare your old smart phone/ tablet for recycling/donation:

  1. Back up the information on the device to a PC (iTunes etc.)
  2. Overwrite and delete all passwords, PINs and OTPs (one-time passwords). Don’t forget Wi-Fi passwords and personal account information on apps or websites.
  3. Overwrite and delete security settings parameters, such as unlock password, remote access passwords
  4. Delete all personal information and applications (e.g., pictures, texts, social networking profiles, etc.)
  5. Delete communications pairings ex: Bluetooth (e.g., in your car, earphones, etc.).
  6. Remove any installed SIM cards and delete or erase all files stored on the memory card (if applicable)
  7. “Wipe” the device (use data eraser app) AND reset the wireless device to default factory settings. BEFORE resetting your device, use a “data eraser app”. Here’s a list of apps for the most common operating systems (Android, BlackBerry, iOS)


However, from a business perspective this is incrementally a larger problem to consider.  Not only are there typically a larger quantity of devices to be decommissioned but the type of devices is expansive.  Whether we’re talking about mobile phones, laptops, servers, phone system or tablets, it’s important to ensure that your company’s sensitive data and passwords are not being passed on to the next owner.  This is important regardless of whether you own, lease or acquired your hardware through a managed offering.


Teltek can help, not only in the acquisition and installation of the new hardware but in the removal, decommissioning and recycling (if owned) of your old technology and cabling.  There may be a bit of value in your old stuff too.  Many times, old hardware can be repurposed and reused for another client who’s trying to keep their legacy system alive OR donated to a non-profit organization, creating a win/ win for everyone involved.


Have questions on technology recycling, an upcoming upgrade or general security concerns on how to protect your data?  Give us a call !


Teltek is a Certified Avaya Business Partner, NEC Dealer, and Microsoft Partner with two locations in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. We specialize in providing one call technology support for small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania.


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